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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

5 little confessions...time edition

i'm in serious denial that summer is ending. how is it august already? i am so sad about it. like or not august is here, and it's time for another round of 5 little confessions. this is one of my fave posts of the month. we want to hear your confessions too. spill it...and link up below.

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i'm a busy person. i always say i'm chronically busy, and it's true. people always want to know how i do it so today i'm confessing a few secrets.
i've gone to bed in the 2:00am hour the past 2 nights. it's terrible, but i've had a few deadlines.


when i'm really tired and/or i know it's going to be a late night, i take a quick little nap on my bedroom floor before working. monday night that nap happened at 12:30am.
sometimes at work i think i can get anywhere in 7 minutes. i know how long it takes to get to a particular house, but i never ever seem to leave on time.

i would rather spend time socializing than almost anything else. the main reason i never have time to read is because i would rather talk.

even when i am crazy busy, if you ask me to do something i will probably say yes.

there you have it...confessions of a busy person. now it's your turn. link up below.  




  1. LOL! #2 made me laugh... Aubrey, you so need to get to bed sooner! Are these work deadlines or blog deadlines? I saw your tweet last night that you hadn't started this post yet. I get SO excited when I get a week ahead on most of my blog posts, but when I am writing them the night of it makes me anxious... even if I am just one day ahead I get anxious. Maybe that is weird?! I just like to be ahead, but it doesn't always happen that way for me! And, for #3 it seems I am always late.... even when I leave early, something happens on my way out the door (like Brian's cat got in my car one morning and I couldn't get her out!) and I land up being late!

  2. Omg I could never. I go to bed so early and wake up so late. I love bed! I think I wouldn't have to go to bed so early if I could nap. Never could.

  3. You are definitely one busy person :)

  4. Good confessions!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. I love the nap on the floor idea! I should try that next time I have a lot of work to do.


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