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Sunday, August 3, 2014

churchy...inspirational study

i almost called this post scripture study, but that's not exactly what i mean. lately i have seen some posts on social media about inspirational study-sometimes the bible or the book or mormon or devotional book. people are posting quotes, and verses, and thoughts.
and it's making me think...
i have been a daily dedicated scripture reader for years. i always make time for a few minutes and a few verses, but it's not enough. scripture reading is great, and i know it is better than nothing. what i really need is scripture study. i need to spend more time reading, studying, and pondering the word of God. this is definitely not the first time i've had this realization. scripture study is a struggle for me. it's hard for me to shut my mind off and really focus. it's hard to make the time. it's even hard for me to understand what i read. my life is crazy and busy, but that's no excuse. i need to make more time in my life to be still.
the question is how? when? where? i need your help. mariel wrote a post about checking in with others. i need to figure out a system and fast. for now i think the best thing for me will be to get up a little earlier, but i want your suggestions. how do you make time for inspirational study in your life? 
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  1. I really enjoy online bible studies, I have completed two of them and the last one I just finished was off of a book and with a group of 6 other ladies. My church has decided to devote the hour that is 'Sunday School hour' to bible study only, so they will not hold a church service at that time. So, instead of going to church while my kids are in Sunday school, I have the option of going to bible study and then us all going to church together as a family before or after the bible study/sunday school hour.

  2. I think if you read with intent, that may help. Also, using the Sunday School manuals or institute manuals can help as well. We read with the kids in the morning and try to discuss, but that is pretty rough at best! :)


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