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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

blogging the paradise 1.1

we don't usually go from a finale to a premier of the bach or any show really in a week, but here we are.
chris harrison says it all the time, but this really might be the most dramatic season of the bachelor (in paradise) ever.
i watched with a group of girls, and we all had plenty to say. since we all said so much, i had to postpone the word tally to next week.
there were so many good/funny things said either on the show or in the room so this week's blogging the bach is...
things i heard...
"winds and clip ins don't mix" daniella's extensions
michelle k says "maybe" about being single
"paradise seems right. there are already connections. it could be love at first sight" --Elise
chris h tells ashlee "good to see you" as in i want to date you 
the house is amazing, fitting for paradise, hola mexico
lacy and robert are in the ocean and someone in the room says "her makeup is going to be so messed up."
lacy is bouyant
"this is better than reality tv"--elise
"graham and i are just meant to be. he's my type"--ashlee
"i feel like i'm in a soap opera and i'm watching everything go down" --daniella
"this is like a cute, normal date, ish"
"i like how that girl's the narrator"
"i'm 80/40" --lacy
"i'm happy because it means there will be more guys coming"--clare

so far...
ashlee is posessive of graham already
michelle money knows the ropes
lacy is the player
where has ben been the whoe season

there is so much good stuff. i could talk. the show promises to provide a lot of entertainment, and i can't even wait.
did you watch? what do you think?



  1. I have to admit I did watch most of this. I just rolled my eyes when Lacy said she was "80/40". What? How does that equal 100? Also, she has the hugest boobs I have ever seen! Elise is such a ditz too. I don't see Sara finding love. She's really insecure and it comes off super bitchy. I love how Clare said she had no idea who Lacy was and they were on the same season! I don't remember that Michelle K at all! How did Michelle Money end up there? Will there be new people each week? I missed that part. Also, I have to say it... I can't stand MM's facelift and fake teeth - yikes!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. 80/40 was one of my favorite moments. Also Lacy's boobs floating on the water. Also, AshLee saying everything she said about Sean about Graham.

  3. So bummed that I didn't get to watch! And the worst part is, all of the projects that I planned to work on didn't happen because our contractor was working upstairs and I had to trap Howie downstairs so that he was out of the way. And if I don't stay with him when he's trapped (because he has to be where all the people are... and oddly enough I'm humming Little Mermaid in my head now), he cries and whines and barks and is annoying. :P I did get one or two things done, but I would have been more productive at your party :) next time!

  4. SO many good quotes. We need to watch it together ever week, because that was hilarious.


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