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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

blogging the paradise 1.3

a couple of years ago, celsey and i had a weekly tradition (monday night tradish) of dinner and the bach. life has been crazy, and we don't live by each other anymore. monday night tradish kind of went away, but we brought it back this week. we started the night with a delicious dinner-asparagus chicken, zucchini, and olive oil noodles. i love love love watching the bach with celsey and her husband shawn (even though he pretends like he doesn't care).

WHAT I HEARD (so many good things watching with friends)
"is he wearing a wife beat?"--celsey (i'm not the only one that abbreviates everything. and yes, graham was wearing a wife beater)
"you are trouble" --chris about elise (we all know he is equal amounts of trouble)
michelle was talking and talking, but we were too distracted by her headpiece to really know what she was saying.
"really? you knew of me?"--marquel to danielle (he does realize he was just on the very most recent season of the bach right?!?)
the next few quotes from chris and elise definitely don't need any commentary from me
"it's a night date so stuff could happen"--chris
"chris is the perfect prince charming"--elise
"you showed me you were ready to take on anything"--elise (is she referring to her crazy self?)
"i'm ready to get down and dirty"--chris (please tell me i heard that wrong. except i'm pretty sure i didn't because he played it a couple of times to make sure)
"i want to be able to enjoy her behind closed doors"--chris
"chris is truly a gentleman"--elise right after chris' line above (i'm sure she really didn't say it right after, but the edit sure made it seem like it)
"she bugs the crap out of me. all she does is whine"--shawn about sarah (i really like sarah a lot, but she isn't really doing well on this show yet. it looks like things might get better for her next week)
"michelle is not put together. she's a hot mess"--celsey (we love her, but she's a total mess)
"i've seen girls fall this hard this fast. just not usually twice in 2 weeks)--sarah worrying about elise
"there are more wifebeaters on this show than i've ever seen. except at nascar"--celsey
"clare's dad is a turtle. not quite"--celsey
"i don't want to sound crazy"--ashlee right after telling graham she follows his instagram and really likes him

WORD TALLY (i cut out some words this week)
journey...0(this show is much less of a journey than the bach

WHAT I SAW (on twitter)

this show is a disast, but i love it. can't wait to see what happens next week. are you watching? did i miss anything?

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  1. I'm two weeks behind on this show now. I was going to watch yesterday but then I had my sinus infection crap that was not fun and caused me to sleep. I'll catch up.... Someday... And someday I'll have normal TV so that I can watch it again!


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