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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

blogging the paradise 1.4

i had a few things going on today so i couldn't make any plans to watch with anyone.  my roommate julia was in the living room working on some stuff. she's not a big bach fan so she had some great things to say.

i thought i was really going to love this show. i do love it, but it's not exactly what i expected. the dates are weird. we never really see what happens. the show feels totally disjointed. maybe it will make more sense when it's all over or when we know the point of the whole thing.

"i said of course..hello"--sarah (maybe she can finally get out of the friend zone)
"what did i do wrong?"--michelle (you gave your rose to marquel)
"it's really hard for me to help you get ready for a date with a guy i'm interested in, but i'll make your braid look amazing" (classic michelle money. love it)
"oh michelle. i forgot about her" --robert (really? after 1 day you forgot about her?)
"there's something about the ocean that makes you vulnerable"--sarah (especially on the bach)
"say eggs all in 1 basket 1 more time"--roommate julia
"i respect what you and zack have"--cody "i respect what you've had for what like 5 days" --roommate julia
"no one is sure about anything"--roommate julia
"this date is more about me"--kalon (oh wow. here we go)
"i'm zero percent attracted to kalon"--sarah
"re fall in love with myself"--kalon (did he really just say that? the rest of the date later we realize he did in fact say and mean that)
blah blah blah--jesse "shes's an idiot"--julia about jackie
"i'm surprised there's not a camera on us"--ashlee (there are cameras everywhere. it seems like everyone knows that except ashlee)
" i work really hard on my character"--ashlee (except when she's saying crap about someone)
"i want to lay on the beach and work on our tans..."--cody 


WHAT I SAW...on twitter

TO BE CONTINUED...ugh! (i wasn't prepared for that)

what did everyone think?

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  1. I can not figure out the point of this show. It is entertaining...mostly because of the stupidity of the people. I have never heard someone say eggs so much in a conversation that isn't about actually cooking eggs in my life. I am shocked by the things they say....can they really be that stupid!


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