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Monday, August 11, 2014

september slumber soiree and other local events

i have the most exciting announcement...
over a year ago, after leaving one of bonnie's grow your blog roundtables much later than i should have, i had the idea to plan a blogger sleepover. one of the best perks of being a utah blogger is all the other utah bloggers. there are fun events happening all the time, and it's easy to plan meet ups and be real life friends with blog friends. we have way too much fun together, and we never want the night to end. so..the night isn't ending. 
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the inaugural slumber soiree is happening next month. i'm so excited about it. we have some great sponsors lined up, and big plans for a whole lot of fun. head on over to eventbrite to sign up today. we're still looking for sponsors so if you are interested in sponsoring the event or have questions, email me
aubreyzaruba at gmail dot com

i talked about this a few weeks ago, but the color run is coming up soon.
Carissa Miss: The Color Run
i'll be there with a few other bloggy friends. who is joining us? head on over to
 and use code COLOR5OFF to save $5 on registration.
and one last running event.
i might get struck down for posting this, but friends help friends right?!?
the university of utah homecoming scholarship 5k and kid's race is coming up september 27. it goes through campus and happens the same day as the homecoming football game. all funds from the race go directly into the alumni scholarship fund. so even if you're like me and the university of utah is your rival school, supporting this race helps people get an education which helps us all in the long run. more info and registration can be found here.
any other fun local events i should know about?


  1. This sounds so fun!!!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Ah, wish I loved nearer! Can't wait to do the Color Run again soon either, I think the date for my city is announced tomorrow.

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