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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

blogging the paradise 1.2

bachelor in paradise is back for another week of drama. there were so many good quotables and tweets last week so i decided to organize my posts into what i heard and what i saw.
i heard so many funny things last week watching with a bunch of friends. i actually watched by myself tonight until about the last half hour when my friend (who never watches the show) dropped by. she had a few funny things to say too.
WHAT I HEARD...(plus what i would have said)
"i mean i am ready, but i can get more ready if you want me to"--clare
"it's not a very classy move"--robert (do you remember what show you're on?)
"dylan and i have a connection that's so strong even though we've only known each other for 1 week...i'm falling in love with dylan"--elise (clearly she knows how this show works)
"i feel smothered"--dylan
"tomorrow when we all wake up it's going to be really awkward.for everyone"--michelle money
"i want a relationship. i want to be married. i want to have a family."--elise (then why did you come on this show?)
"that means he does care about me. that means we have a connection."--elise about dylan (it must be opposite day)
"i love that feeling when you just get that feeling."--clare
"how did this even happen?"--elise (you went in the ocean with chris) (clare is also back in the ocean, but so far it doesn't seem to be a problem)
"i guess i shouldn't have gone in the ocean."--elise (you think?)
"goodbye hollywood. i'm done with tv"--ben (good idea)
"does it remind you why dating sucks so bad in the first place?"--chris harrison (thanks for the honesty)
"i don't think she's (elise) getting it"--sarah (elise is definitely not getting it) 
"listen to the music they're playing because they think she's a clown"--my friend that stopped by
the word tally is back
journey...0 so far
right/wrong reasons...4
connection...34 (mostly by elise)
WHAT I SAW...a few of my favorite tweets
*yesterday chris harrison tweeted something about not missing the first 10 minutes. the whole michelle k and ryan putz (yes putz) thing was kind of dumb. she's crazy and apparently he is too. the end

what did i miss? what did you see/hear this week?


  1. Who gave who a rose at the end? I missed it. And all the Ben drama.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  2. Elise saying "Dylan asked Sarah on this date which just shows that he's still thinking about me" Or that he's THINKING OF SARAH. . . Oh for the love.

    I watched it alone, I didn't feel like tweeting and I don't want to blog it, but I just wanted to say my funny things! I need to watch it with people next time. Or in three weeks when I'm back from vacay.


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