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Thursday, August 21, 2014

ALS ice bucket challenge

when the ice bucket challenge started making its way around social media, i didn't know what to think. i've read all kinds of comments about the challenge. some people support it, and some people don't. after reading this post written by the wife of a man with ALS, i made up my mind. i support this challenge. i happily participated. i happily gave a donation to a good cause. we may not all agree with this challenge, but i think we can all agree that raising awareness and raising money are good things.

have you done the ice bucket challenge? what are your thoughts?


  1. Wow, that article is amazing! I've really been appreciating hearing from the families that actually have been affected by ALS through all of this. I think no matter what, there will always be people trying to play the devil's advocate. But I agree with you and Bo that it's a good cause - let's just do it!

  2. Joe and I both got nominated for the ALS challenge within the last day. Unfortunately, his is going to be a little late because he got nominated while we were in the E.R. and his hand can't get wet for 24 hours from the time of stitches, but I'm thinking that it will be a fun little husband/wife activity to do tonight after he gets home from work.
    Maybe you can tell me, because I've been trying to research it all day and I know there is a purpose, what does the ice water have to do with ALS???? Doesn't it have to do with the disease and how it makes those people feel or something? Maybe I'm just up in the night and heard something random like that!

  3. Thanks for nominating me!! :p I might be a little late on it, because I'm on vacation, but I'll def do something :)


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