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Monday, December 7, 2015

2015 goal update...focus on...why

i'm starting to think about my word for 2016. i have an idea of what i want to do, but i haven't decided for sure. i want to make sure i finish 2015 still working on my word for 2015. i have one more month to focus.

november was focus on...why
1. spend 5 minutes each day being still/pondering-i started out the month really well. i turned the radio off in the morning on the way to the gym to give myself a little bit of quiet time. the morning is the best time for me to have those few moments of silence.
2. record 3 good things about my day in my journal each night (i have done this in the past and really liked it)-i did really well with this and plan to continue.
3. create mission statement for my blog-um...i didn't get to this one.

December is focus on...the holidays
1. finish Christmas cards early-i am already making good progress. cards are ordered and in the process of completion
2. take advantage of holiday activities-lights, activities, etc.
3. enjoy the holidays rather than stress

we're at the very end of the year. how are your goals going?

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  1. Our goals for this month are pretty much the same! I have three words for next year.


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