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Tuesday, December 22, 2015

another year older... and hopefully wiser

happy birthday to me! what a funny way to start a post, but really, today is my birthday. i love birthdays! i love celebrating. i basically love any excuse to have a party. i've complained a lot about my birthday to my friends and family, on social media, here, and basically everywhere. i don't love having a christmas birthday.
birthdays are interesting. when we're young we want to hurry up and get older. when we start getting older, we wish we would stay young. i'm kind of in that wishing i would stay young phase. no one ever guesses my age ever so i kind of forget how old i am. celsey's grandma says just lie about your age, and when people start questioning you, lie better. i'm also considering counting backwards starting now.

as much as i complain about a christmas birthday and getting older, it is kind of fun to have a birthday in the time of year when everyone is happy. there are always beautiful decorations everywhere, and there's never a lack of treats. instead of being a grump about it, i'm going to enjoy the day with family. even if all my presents are wrapped in christmas paper or we run christmas errands all day, i'll be happy for this festive time of year.

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  1. Happy birthday!!!! I hope you get to do something super fun today... after your flight....

  2. Happy birthday friend!! Those sweater and leggings look fabulous on you!! I need a sweater like that, it looks so comfy and cozy.

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday! I hope it's wonderful!

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I can understand how it would be hard having a Christmas birthday. You feel like you don't really get a day for you, but like you said, you have a birthday at a time when everyone is happy, so that is definitely fun! Hope you had the best day!

  5. Happy birthday! I love your cardigan/wrap/thingey!


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