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Monday, December 28, 2015

birthday celebrations

sometimes i complain about having a too close to christmas birthday because people are too busy to really celebrate with me. i definitely can't complain this year. i basically celebrated my birthday all month.

i went to dinner with my old roommates. keeping with tradition we went to j dawgs. we had the best time. i sure miss those girls.
i got the most wonderful birthday basket from my running frieds.
i went to rodizio with friends for dinner. laurann made a diet coke cake with a singing candle. we had a delicious dinner, and i was very spoiled with the perfect gifts.

tiffany and sage have a tradition of buying each other a new outfit for their birthdays and included me in the tradition this year. they bought this cardigan, v neck shirt, and another shirt. 
i flew to california the night before my birthday. the kids were so excited, and that made me really excited to be there. they wanted me to open presents first thing. chelsea and i went to lunch and shopping. 
we went to red robin for a birthday dinner. chelsea and i did a little more quick shopping after dinner.
i kind of can't believe how old i'm getting, but i did have a really fun time celebrating this month.
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  1. You look fabulous in your birthday outfit!! You definitely did a lot of great celebrating :) We'll have a late celebration, you and me, when we go to dinner :)

  2. Sounds like the best birthday!!! And lots of celebrations - even better!
    Now tell me more about this Diet Coke cake...


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