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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

beauty time tuesday...a sephora update

i posted a while ago about one of the best beauty finds-perfume sampler.
i think i paid about $60 for the set of 7 samples. i already knew i loved 2 of them because i have had them before. i wanted to buy them again which is why i went in sephora in the first place. i was so happy to discover this sample set. i didn't end up loving a couple of the samples so i gave them to someone else.

part of the set included a voucher for a full size perfume. i had a hard time deciding what to get, but i decided on gucci guilty. i love it so much!
i went to sephora over the weekend and got the full size perfume and my birthday lip crayons for being a beauty insider all for zero dollars. it was a happy day day at sephora. 

i asked this last time, and i'm asking again. do you have a favorite perfume? i love good smells.
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  1. That $60 really paid off it seems. I only have one type of perfume right now : )


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