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Thursday, December 3, 2015

throwback thursday...4 years ago

this post really should have happened yesterday, but it didn't. 4 years ago yesterday i had hip surgery. i didn't really have much choice. i tried 6 months of physical therapy, 6 weeks of swimming only, no running for those 6 months, and everything else to get better without surgery. it didn't happen. i thought i would have surgery, do physical therapy for a couple of months, wait a few more months and be back to normal in no time. it didn't happen-well not exactly.

the surgery went really well. i recovered quickly. i did a couple of months plus a few more of physical therapy, but i definitely wasn't back to normal. it took me a long time-probably a couple of years to realize things are normal. it's just a new normal. i can still do many of the things i did before. i have run 4 full marathons and several half marathons. there are still a lot of things i can't do, and i don't think i ever will really be able to. i can't jump-especially over and over. i can't do repetitive movements like squats and lunges. climbing (on a bike, running, hiking) pulls on my hip and makes it really tights. sitting for long periods of time (especially on the floor) is uncomfortable. i really thought i would have no lingering effects, but i guess i was wrong. i am still really glad i did the surgery. i couldn't even walk normal. i can walk just fine now, and things are normal. it's just a new normal.

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  1. Can I ask what happened to your hip or what kinds of problems you were having? I always am curious because I have this issue with what feels like my hip, but I'm not sure. If you don't want to share I totally understand, just thought I'd ask.


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