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Friday, December 4, 2015

blogger year in review part 1-lessons learned

a few weeks ago i talked about the blogger year in review linkup. the best part about it is there really are no rules. we'll be here the next 3 weeks recapping the year in blogging. grab the button and link up 1, 2, or all 3 weeks.

i've been blogging for over 7 years. you would think i would have things figured out by now. blogging has evolved a lot over the years and continues to evolve. there is always so much to learn. let's start out the year in blogging review with 
the top 5 things i've learned this year

1. utilize scheduling tools-everyone talks about what tools they use and different schedules. i made a goal earlier this year to schedule regular tweets to promote my posts. i knew i couldn't commit to multiple blog tweets a day so i set a goal to schedule one tweet per day. i schedule the tweet right after i finish the draft. i'm not perfect, but i have been much better.

2. it's ok to say no-this speaks for itself. trying to say yes to everything was kind of killing me. i stopped feeling guilty for telling people no if it's not worth my time/effort.

3. a traditional sponsorship program is not for me-i locked in a really good price with passionfruit a couple of years ago, and it hung over my head for months and months and months. i finally tried for a couple of months, and it was really hard to find the time to do the things i told my sponsors i would do. sponsorship programs have changed a lot over, and in some ways i missed the window with it. while it could potentially be a good way to monetize, it just doesn't work for me right now.

4. remember the why-why am i blogging? why am i going to this event or that event? why did i accept that sponsored post or collaboration opportunity? it's been really helpful for me to think about the why before saying yes to something.

5. let it go-i like to blog 5 times a week, but there have been several days this year where i had to just let that idea go. it's not worth staying up half the night to make sure that post gets done. it's been hard, but i've had to realize that it's ok.

let's hear some of your year in review. make sure to come back and join us next week for another review.

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  1. These are some great lessons! I have to agree with the whole sponsorship thing, too!

  2. Let it go - best advice! Enjoyed your post. Thanks for hosting for us.

  3. Great lessons! What do you use to schedule your tweets?

  4. I quit Passionfruit.I didn't like it and I would rather support bloggers I love because I want to, for free, than to take their money through some site that analysis things.

  5. Oh what a great prompt. I should join in too, I've learned a lot this past year as well as I've gotten back into blogging seriously. Passionfruit - those are the ads right? I didn't like having to pay a fee regardless of whether I sold any ads, so I quit that program.

  6. I LOVE this! All such good points! Especially the why do I blog and learning to say no. I used to accept any sponsorship thing because I thought it was awesome that someone wanted to give me free stuff, but now I'm super selective and only get things that I think we would use and I could naturally promote. I hate when people do too many sponsored posts and it seems so fake.


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