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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

beauty time tuesday...skincare

today is the last beauty time tuesday for a while because the bachelor starts next week. do you watch? what are your thoughts on ben h? i think he's the kind of guy you want to date in real life, but i'm a little worried he might be boring. i'm sure the girls will be entertaining enough, and he can't be worse than some of the other previous guys.

back to beauty time. i've had the same basic skincare routine for several years. my skin is decent-not the best but certainly not the worst. i've spent a lot of years in the sun-many of those years without sunscreen. i am much more diligent about sunscreen now, but i know i've done some damage. now that i'm getting older i feel like i need to take better care of my skin. 

is it really true that not washing your face ages your face 7 days? i don't know if it's true, but i'm scared that it is-scared enough to wash my wash every night. i'm also scared enough to step it up a little.
i started using the clarisonic a few years ago. i swear by the thing. it is the best, and i really love it. my skin has improved so much since using it.

i got the PMD for christmas. i used it for the first time last night. maybe i should wait to post after i have used it a few times, but so far i really love it. it's been a while since i've had a professional microdermabrasion, but i love the way it makes my skin feel. i'm so excited to have an at home option.

what's your skincare routine? is there anything else i need to know about?
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  1. Ive had the same routine for ages too. But it works so why mix it up? Ooo at home dermabrasion, sounds fancy!


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