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Friday, December 18, 2015

blogger year in review part 3-12 months of blogging

i can't believe we're already at the last linkup for the year. i have a few more review posts for the very end of the year, but this is the last blogging review. we want you to join us. the link up stays open until the end of the month so come back and link up your year in reviews.
this year i was pretty dedicated to posting 5 days a week so it's been fun looking back on my blogging year. i went through and picked one post for each month. i don't go back and read old posts very often, but this makes me want to start at the beginning and read it all.

in january i talked about a few of the perks of being a blogger. i love blogging, and while there are some fun perks like free stuff and money sometimes, the number one perk for me will always be friends.
february was the second month of how we wore it-my favorite fashion post every month. this series has definitely helped me take better pictures and get more comfortable in front of the camera. 
my religion is something that's very important to me. while i don't talk about it all the time on the blog, i do like the opportunity to share my beliefs. in march, i shared some of my other favorite mormon bloggers. in addition to our common religious beliefs, they are really great people and fun blogs to read.
Looking for some new blogs to follow? These are some of the best.
in my for the little tykes series (which took a bit of an unintentional hiatus) april's post was about saying yes. that goes for kids and adults. sometimes it's good to say yes when the logical answer might be no.
in may i posted about my trip to mexico with 3 friends. we had the very best time and talk all the time about going back. driving across the border of mexico was much easier than we feared.
in june i talked about my chat with sharlee and how life really isn't like the movies. happily ever after can be a real thing, but it's usually something you work for not something that just happens to you.
in july, chasin mason and i collaborated on some of our favorite BBQ sauce recipes. she made pizza on the grill, and i'm still drying to try it. our grill is covered in about a foot of snow right now so i think i'll have to wait until spring.
we all know i LOVE summer. in august i posted weekend happs with all the summer things.
in september i ran out of excuses and bit the bullet with online dating. i haven't posted any updates because there aren't any updates to post. admittedly my dedication to it hasn't been 100% the whole time, but it is really hard to be dedicated to something that's not working. i'm planning to try some other things after the holidays.
running has taken a bit of a backseat for me this year. in october i posted about the only race i did this year. i'm trying to make a plan for next year. i almost signed up for a marathon this week, but for some reason i just couldn't commit.
in anticipation of lots of leftover turkey from thanksgiving, kimberly and i talked about our ideas for what to do with that leftover turkey in november. i didn't actually have any leftovers so i kind of feel like i need to make a turkey just for the leftovers.
i don't wear a lot of lipstick, but i love the look of it. i've been trying to wear more when my lips aren't super dry. i love this december post about red lipstick.

i love looking back at the year and all the different things i posted about. i'm starting to look ahead to next year and can't wait to see what things will happen for this little space. 

we want to look back at your year too. copy the image below and link up through the end of the month.

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  1. #1 perk is the friendships! I completely agree. I never ever though that would happen (when I first started blogging) but I love love love it!

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