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Friday, December 11, 2015

blogger year in review-part 2...blogger fun

one of my favorite things about blogging is the connecting with others. living in utah makes it a lot easier. a lot of my fave bloggers live here, and there are things happening all the time. for this week's year in review post let's look back at the fun i've had with blogger friends this year.
build your blog conference
cuatro bonitas-not a blogging event but a blogging perk
confetti night
splash pad
bella ella
crepes at roll up cafe
celebrating jacque's birthday at tsunami
alison's cabana boogie
sandy and cecilia's birthday dinner
blogger no sleepover
i have had a lot of fun with blogger friends this year and look forward to many more fun times with locals and out of towners. i am grateful for my continued friendships and look forward to meeting new friends in the coming year.
we want you to join us. your review posts can be about whatever you want. there are really no rules. grab the button and link up this week and/or next. next week stays open the rest of the month. we want to hear about your year.

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  1. I guess you do have a close knit family of bloggers. Lucky you. If I had one local that I could bounce things off it would be wonderful. Instead, I have them all over the country. Thanks for the party. From the link up.

  2. This is awesome! I'm jealous of all your amazing blogger friends! Bloggers rock!

  3. You really have had a blast with other bloggers! I like how you didn't just hang out with bloggers at conferences, but also for birthdays and other friendship stuff :) I miss hanging out with bloggers. I used to be a lot more active in the book blogging community (going to book signings and even volunteering to help authors) before I had my baby, but I never did get a chance to get active in the lifestyle blogger community before that. Now I just don't have time to attend blogging events heh.


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