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Monday, December 14, 2015

weekend happs

i was off work on thursday and friday so my weekend technically started a little earlier. i've had a few days off this month due to a change in our paid time off policy at work. as much as i wanted to spend my days relaxing, i've been busy getting ready for christmas. all my christmas cards are done. i need to order one more gift, and then i will be done shopping. i just have a ton of wrapping to do.

after working on christmas all day thursday i met tiffany and sage for dinner at tsunami. we went pretty early so luckily there was no wait. after dinner we drove around and looked at christmas lights. we tried to see the tree of life at draper park. the weather was bad and half the lights were out. we were sad, but ended up finding something else great-a house with tons of light set to music. after driving around looking at lights in the rain for a while we had dessert and called it a night.

i worked on christmas things-cards and gifts all day and night on friday. i got a lot done which made me really happy.

i got up extra early to run on saturday. i had to leave early so i tried to get a few extra miles in with the early crowd. i was totally dragging and not sad to leave. my running lately hasn't been the best. i really need to sign up for a race to get my rear in gear.

i spent most of the day at a high school drill competition. michelle coaches the layton high lancelles so we went to support her. we didn't have a drill team in high school, but i did grow up dancing. i love watching dance, and it was a fun day-besides sitting on hard bleachers all day.
i am trying to do as many christmas activities as possible. my church had a christmas program tonight. i LOVE christmas music! it was a great end to the weekend.

how was your weekend? any exciting happs?

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  1. My weekend was miserable... I have strep throat BUT YOU!! Your weekend rocked. Lights, friends, Christmas and dance. Perfection!


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