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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

what would you do...with red lipstick

this is the last official what would you do with kimberly for a while. she's having a baby, and doing other things. it's been a fun thing, and i want to continue. so..i'm looking for another host(s). leave me a comment or email if you want more information.

this month we want to know WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with red lipstick?
my lips are super dry so i don't always wear a lot of lipstick. i have been trying to wear more lately so this theme was perfect. i would do 2 things.

1. pick a matchy matchy outfit-red skirt, red nails, red lips

walmart shirt|agnes and dora skirt|nine west booties|hair extensions c/o irresistable me

2. go a little more neutral with the clothes and use red as an accent color for accessories and lips

old navy cardi and dress|dsw booties|scarf swap exchange

i'm wearing clinique matte crimson. red looks different on different people, but my friend meredith recommends these shades for everyone
rimmel provacalips kiss me you fool 
wet n wild cherry on top

we want to know...WHAT WOULD YOU DO...with red lipstick?
 photo aubrey-sig_zps0ck6qpqn.png

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  1. Those TIGHTS are to die for! I am terrified of red lipstick-or really most lipsticks. I have a post coming up on that tomorrow actually-ironically :) You rock the red, though. I might be interested in co-hosting if you are still looking for someone. We can discuss it.


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