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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

blogging the bach 20.5

i saw on twitter this weekend that lace is already confirmed for bachelor in paradise this summer. i think we all knew that was coming.
who's watching: celsey, amanda, alicia, lacey, megan

sometimes life happens, and tonight was one of those nights. i missed the first part of the show so the format for this week's post will be a little different.

date 1:amanda's one on one-i missed the whole thing. my friends said it was pretty good. after the show was over they changed their minds and said it was pretty high pitched and boring. they went in a hot air balloon because apparently all dates this season must include flying in the air.

date 2: group date. i missed the majority of this too. when i walked in everyone said olivia pretty much stole the date and jubilee has been a whiny baby the whole time. i don't like either of those girls so i wasn't exactly sad i missed all of that.i said send her home about 5 times before he did. either she has never seen this show or she's the poutiest broad there is. adios jubilee. we were half and half about olivia getting the rose. i knew he was going to give it to her. i am so done with her, but he clearly is not.

date 3: one on one with lauren h. we're all wondering if she's ever watched top model. she missed the smile with the eyes lesson. it seems like he was thinking of sending her home due to being in the friend zone. she told her sob story about being cheated on so he basically has to keep her.

cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw
jojo is in the worst dress
olivia smelling her rose over and over
what i heard 
there's no way she's a news anchor. she's the worst--cel
becca's in another sparkly stunner--cel
how weird, amanda's in a peasant top--cel
she's like an episode of catfish--megan after olivia said amanda reminds her of teen mom
ok ben, she's obviously not going to tell ben she's the house bully--cel
what i thought
there's not a whole lot going on with emily so good for her for taking one for the team
we're all mad about the to be continued

no word tally or tear tally tonight since i missed half the show.

i only saw about 1/2 the show tonight. i really liked last week since my faves got dates. this week feels like all the people i don't like got all the attention.

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  1. last night was the first episode i've watched since....Jake the pilot. And i thought the same there is no way Olivia ia a news least she won't be after this show...she's pyscho!!


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