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Monday, February 15, 2016

february happs

this month is kind of running all together for me. between going to california for a few days, taking a couple of days off work, having the worst cough ever, and a holiday today, i barely know what day it is much less if it's a weekday or weekend.

i love holidays-all of them. if no one is buying you gifts, buy yourself some. i bought this alex and ani love bangle for my valentine's day present to myself. flippin waffles gave me the key to my heart for a valentine's day gift for helping at a wedding. they are the perfect combo.
celsey planned the cutest valentine's day photo shoot for her little babe. i helped a tiny bit, but mostly i was there dying at the cuteness. 

celsey and i also did a cute gender reveal-coming soon.

besides monday night tradish and the gender reveal prep, i kind of took it a little easier than normal last week. i have had the most wicked cough from the disgusting air we have here. i am not a good sick person so it's really driving me completely crazy.

friday night sage and i went to dinner and saw the choice. i usually read all of the nicholas sparks books because they are easy to read, and they're all set in north carolina. it reminds me of home, and i love it. i can't really remember if i read the choice or not. they all kind of run together for me, but i liked the movie-very predictable but that's fine with me.

on saturday i helped laurann cater a wedding. it was the prettiest wedding inside a LDS gym that i've ever seen. i wish i had more pictures. this time we did the waffles in the kitchen and other ladies carried them out to the food table. it made things much simpler and easier than other times.
other than that, i've been busy with work and trying to stick to an early morning workout schedule. how's your february going so far?
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  1. Cute new Alex and Ani bracelets!!! I've been meaning to get some new ones but I haven't yet! Yours are too cute though!

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