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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

blogging the bach 20.8

this happens every time, but i can't believe we're already at hometowns. the first part of the season goes slow, and then all of a sudden we're here. 

who's watching: celsey, alicia, amanda, lacey, megan

hometown #1:amanda
what i saw
ben seems pretty awkward with the kids and the kids weren't too excited to see him either. 
what i heard
stop being so predictable with your shirts--megan
first of all the sleeves are just an accessory. it's not helping anything--megan
i'm sorry lady. no one is ever going to love your kids as much as you--megan
ok, you don't wear short shorts if you've got thick thighs and you're a man--cel
why do the kids look like they are dressed for jerusalem?--megan
her mom looks like franklin the turtle--megan
what i thought
i really don't know how these 2 could really work.
ben says he can picture being a part of this family. i can't picture it at all.

hometown #2:lauren b
what i saw
ben seems so much more comfortable with lauren than with amanda and her kids and her family
what i heard
why is he always trying to feed people in a weird way?--megan
her mom ages well--lacey
unless you are giselle, no one should wear high waisted jeans--megan
they both cried?--cel
what i thought
these 2 really like each other a lot

hometown #3:caila
what i saw
poor caila has the worst style
what i heard
is she ready to ride a horse--megan
is your dad santa?--cel
i would never color with a boy on my same paper--cel
that's why she was kept. her dad paid abc--alicia
dad was obviously a total goober and got a mail order bride--megan
the dad is going to die when he hears ben called her a sex panther--cel
straight men don't wear mustard pants in that shade--megan
straight men don't wear mustard pants--cel
what i thought
ben says building a toy house is one of the coolest things he's ever done. i am concerned about his life.
caila likes ben more than he likes her

hometown #4:jojo
what i saw
jojo has the best hair, makeup, and clothes of all of them
jojo took all the looks in the family
what i heard
it looks like a model home--alicia
she had her house staged--cel
why is she having this conversation right now?--alicia
mr rogers--megan
how did chad know she was coming home today?--alicia
she's wearing one of those weird bracelets. you're not jasmine--megan
her mom has had some word done to the face and some botched jobs--alicia
megan had the funniest things to say about mom and her accent and how clueless she is about the whole thing.
oh guys i found a website-jojo's ex boyfriend chad 5 things you need to know--megan
are the brothers married or they grumpy old men?--cel
booze mom up before the cameras get here--megan
what i thought
her brothers were kind of the worst. i would be so mad at my brothers if they acted like that.

cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw
the girls all look really pretty.
poor jojo was so nervous
what i heard
after her brothers, she has to lead with her boobs--megan
caila looks like she's going to a mormon prom--megan
oh my gosh, an off the shoulder--cel
caila's dress is from downeast--cel
i won't miss you that much because there are 3 other women here--megan
she's holding it together because she has cry voice all the time. she has a lot of practice--cel
what i thought
i knew amanda was going home. he clearly is not ready for that role, but it was sweet how sad he was.

tear tally-13 (the same as last week. we were all surprised. it seems like there were a lot more)
word tally-there was a lot of talking tonight. i very possibly missed a few.

my guess is caila goes home next, but it looks like there's going to be a good amount of drama and tears coming up. who is your fave? i still really like jojo.

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