Wednesday, February 3, 2016

these is my words book club

I've said before that I like to read, but when it comes to book discussions, generally I haven't read the book. The same is even truer for movies. 

I was so excited when Bonnie announced the January book club book because I've actually read the book. 
Bonnie hosts a monthly online book club and added a local in person book club last week. I listened to this book several years ago and really liked it. Unfortunately remembering I liked it was about all I could remember. 
I went to book club thinking the discussion would help me remember the book. It did but only a little. Even though I couldn't remember much, I very much enjoyed the conversation about the book. Everyone offered a lot of insight, and we discussed everything from pioneer relationships to sex education to the bachelor. 
Even though it has been years since I read the book, I'm really glad I went, and it makes me want to read more. 
Have you read any good books lately?

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