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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

blogging the bach 20.7

who watched the bachelor 20/jade and tanner wedding special on sunday? i totally forgot about it for the first hour, turned it on and watched for a few minutes while i made dinner, and missed the rest. we watched it while we ate dinner on monday which means we still missed much of it. i'll probably go back and watch at some point.
who's watching: celsey, alicia, amanda, and lacey

date #1: lauren b-asked out in person
what i saw
lauren b was acting so weird, and the ben asked her on the date. all of a sudden she was fine.
what i heard
probs wish she had a belt on right now--cel as lauren's pants are falling off
her ovaries are crying right now--amanda
20 bucks they paid that kid to sit there and cry--lacey
lauren and ben are wearing the same outfit--cel
what i thought
i would be in so much trouble on this date. i am so terrible at basketball.
ben took lauren to meet his friends. that's always a big deal.

date #2: JoJo let's find love in the windy city
what i saw
jojo was feeling really insecure, and you can kind of tell when she sees ben.
what i heard
that would be so awkward running for no reason--amanda
the things he's saying about her are really good--amanda
what i thought
ben hasn't seemed to have any reservation about jojo. he wanted to make sure she is into him. once she opened up, he was all smiles again.

date #3: caila, amanda, becca 
what i saw
becca is basically on a date with amanda in the boat
ben's conversation with becca was kind of weird. he didn't do anything to reassure her.
what i heard
becca is having flashbacks of her hideous velvet dress with chris--cel
i told the girls i needed them to say something funny about them being at mcdonalds. alicia responded with "there's nothing to say"
you're not the only 2 people in the world because there are thousands of people staring at you--alicia
what i thought
if ben was going to keep becca, he would have given her the group date rose. i feel so sad for her.
i'm so surprised he has kept amanda around for so long. 

date #4:emily-home is where the heart is
what i saw
back on the pontoon
ben's mom making the best faces. she's scared that all the girls are like emily,and she's freaking out.
what i heard
mattis, i really hope you're kidding--cel to her dog getting in the trash (i laughed so hard probably mostly because i was bored)
that's a harsh one--lacey
what i thought
i kind of just wanted to cover my eyes through this whole date, and i did a couple of times.
so far emily has told ben's parents she 1. wants to be a cheerleader 2. will be an amazing mom and 3. loves to watch movies
she's going to paradise for sure
all the other girls are bawling their eyes out that emily is going home. is anyone surprised?

cocktail party/rose ceremony
what i saw
i don't know if we've ever seen dresses covered up by coats. it must be so cold.
what i heard
oh there's no cocktail party--everyone at the same time
what i thought
i feel so sad for becca. she is the cutest, classiest girl. i hope she has tons of dudes calling her now. and if not, i hope she's the next bachelorette. 

who's still on: amanda, lauren b, jojo, caila

tear tally: 13
word tally
journey:0-not a big word this season
connection:2-also not big

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  1. Last night was so interesting to me! And honestly who didn't see that date going horribly wrong with Emily? I feel like she is so different around Ben than when she is around the girls. I would be really surprised if Becca was the next Bachelorette. Maybe she was really great on Chris's season (I kind of missed that season) because I was not a huge fan of her on this season. I feel like she was very stand offish with him after her 1:1! Could be the editing, of course! I am so ready for hometowns!

  2. I watched that Sunday night stuff yesterday while I was home. It was ok, but nothing too exciting. The last hour was the good stuff I think.


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