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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

blogging the bach 20.6

i had good intentions to go back and watch the first half that i missed last week, but that never happened. from the posts i read, it seems like i didn't miss too much.
who's watching:celsey, alicia, amanda, and megan

rose ceremony
olivia said all the right words. she did very well at casually putting the girls down (amanda).
who's still here-olivia, lauren h, amanda, caila, lauren b, jojo, becca, leah, emily

date 1: caila let's see if our love is reel
what i saw
ben looks really tired. caila is so awkward.
what i heard 
i just feel like she's blah--alicia
i feel so uncomfortable right now--megan
so why are you here?--cel
i'm feeling second hand embarrassment right now--megan
i feel understood by 65 idiots daily, but that does not mean i'm in love--cel
he's kind of gullible--cel
what i thought
ben gives her another date because he needs to figure out if he really likes her. caila is so confusing, and ben is so dumb. i can't believe he gave her the rose after all of that.

date 2: lauren b, becca, amanda, jojo, lauren h, leah love is unpredictable
what i saw
girls on a boat and then pigs swimming in the water and then ben talking to all the girls individually in front of the other girls.
why has ben still not gotten a wax job?
what i heard 
there's so much screaming--amanda
his tattoo just looked like a math problem--cel
i love how becca never gets caught up in it-cool as a cucumber--megan
she's wearing an off the shoulder top. how weird--cel
i thought she was nice, and now i'm annoyed with her--megan
what i thought
ben can't figure out why this date is so awkward. does he not realize the one on one time with the girls is right in front of the other girls? ben isn't as into amanda as he is some of the other girls. leah is obviously jealous of lauren b.
leah sneaks out of the house to waste all of our time. get out of here girl. she feels foolish because she acted like a fool.

date 3: two women, one rose. one stays. one goes. let's sea what the bahamas have in store for us.
what i saw
i'm pretty sure i have the same necklace as olivia. i should probably throw it out.
why did ben take the rose to say goodbye to olivia?
what i heard
mom jeans--megan
ugh they both look terrible--amanda
that was not a great choice on emily. she looks like a hooker--megan
girls, stop telling him you love him. he's dating so many other girls-megan
she wants to win--alecia about emily
sucks to suck olivia--cel
what i thought
someone give this poor girl a hair tie
i saw on social media that he sent olivia home before we watched. i'm a little surprised he didn't send emily home too.

cocktail party/rose ceremony:
what i saw
ben out on the rocks crying about being unloveable
girls freaking out
what i heard 
she's got to be using some double stick tape--megan about jojo
i honestly think becca is the prettiest. maybe it's because she's not a drama queen--megan-i totally agree
the reason is your odds are really bad--megan
what i thought
we're all mad he wasted roses on caila and emily.

tear tally: 18-mostly by leah
word tally

who's still here-emily, caila, amanda, becca, jojo, lauren b

the previews show a whole lot of crying from everyone. i kind of can't wait to see what happens.
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  1. I am sure you were happy to see Olivia go, lol!! It is getting to the good part and I am so excited to see the rest. Though, I must admit my feelings for Ben dwindled a bit, with his decision to keep Emily. Not sure what he sees there?

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