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Monday, February 22, 2016

more february happs

there are a lot of weeks that i have plans every night of the week and weekend. i have a lot of fun, but it also makes me really tired. i've been trying to make a few less plans lately, but that doesn't mean no plans ever. 

celsey had the cutest valentine's day treats at monday night tradish. 

on tuesday i had an activity with the ladies at church. it was my first time being in charge. we did cocoa and conversation. the hot chocolate bar was a big success and cleaned up before i had a chance to take any pictures.

i met friends for dinner on wednesday. i got off work a little early so i went to the gym before dinner. i had enough time to work out but not enough time to shower and change. it's not the first time it's happened, and it's probably not the last but there i was at dinner in my gym clothes.

i ran into michelle money and cody sattler at the gym. i knew they had been working out at the gym i go to, but i hadn't been there at the same time. i saw them when i walked in on friday. i don't normally get too star struck, but it was really cool to meet them.

thursday, friday, and saturday i attended the power of choice seminar. i have a really great life, and i really love my life. this workshop was all about making the choice to live the best life. even though i already really love my life, there is something really great about learning to be even better. i learned some powerful tools and met some great people.

how's your february going so far? any exciting happs?
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  1. The popcorn bags are adorable! What a cute Valentine's day gift!

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