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Monday, February 1, 2016

one little word: february goal update

i have my one little word of the year (STILL) and yearly goals to go along with it. i also have monthly goals. one of the best ways to accomplish those goals is to have to report back. join us (love ashleymy new lines, and one hoolie mama) today and every first week of the month to check in on our goals and yours.

yearly goals to be still
1. morning and night quiet time-drive to the gym with no music/spend a few minutes each night reflecting on the day and writing 3 good things about the day i've done really well with this. i need to extend my quiet time at night a little
2. attend the temple monthly i went to the provo city center temple open house in january
3. color once a week-i might not keep this up all year, but i got a coloring book a couple of months ago. i haven't used it, and i know i will love it and feel very relaxed-i have done this, but i need to work on it more. i spend about 5 minutes once a week which is better than nothing but not a lot.
4. prayer book-keep list of people i need to remember to pray for-i got out my prayer journal again and put it beside my bed. it's helpful to have that to remember those that need extra prayers.

january goals
1. wake up at 5:00am to go to the gym-i didn't always wake up at 5:00, but i almost always did or at least in the 5:00 hour. my workouts have really improved this month.
2. clean up my diet-check. i am doing so much better with this
3. no treats for 60 days-i have a lot of willpower when i want to. i haven't even been tempted to eat treats. i decided to go with the 30 days of the 30 day challenge i did. for the next 30 days, i can have one treat a week.

i have a lot of goals for my health and fitness this year so i am going to stick with my same january goals for feburary. i am joining another 30 days challenge to help keep me on track and motivated with those goals. i am really focused on taking care of my body and getting it in the best shape i can so for now, that is where i put my efforts.

how are your goals going? grab the button below and link up. 

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  1. I love the prayer book, that's such a good idea!!

  2. I love the quiet time goal. That's something I think might be missing from my routine!


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