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Sunday, February 7, 2016

provo city center temple open house

besides the first few years of my life when i lived in idaho (and can barely remember), most of my growing up years i lived 5+ hours away from the temple. as a youth group we usually went to the washington, dc temple once every summer. it was a big event. we had to stay over night and often did other things while we were in town (theme park or other tourist things). my parents only went a couple of times a year since it was so far away.

when i moved to utah to go to college, there were several temples close by. living in provo, there is a temple right up the street. i made the decision in college to attend the temple as often as i could. it was a big blessing to me throughout college. it provided me with much needed peace and strength and also helped me solidify my testimony of the temple.
the provo temple was always so busy. on any given day it was hard to find a place to park, and there was a good chance i would have to wait. these are good problems, but it also makes it tricky for tight schedules. when the provo tabernacle burned several years ago, they decided to restore the tabernacle to a temple. 

the provo city center temple is done and having the open house right now. tiffany, sage, and i went last weekend. it is so beautiful on the inside and out. there is so much intricate beautiful woodwork and stained glass. the temple is open to the public for tours through march 5. it is definitely worth making the effort to go. tickets are available here. if you can't get tickets, go anyway. they will let you in.

i'm so blessed to live in a place where there are many temples. it is a place of peace and comfort and somewhere i need to go more often.

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  1. I love the Provo City Center Temple open house. I used to have stake conference in the Tabernacle!

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