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Thursday, February 18, 2016

winter woes list: brunch

i think we all know i hate winter. there is really not one single thing about it i like. i love the holidays, but we could just as easily have those in the summer. just ask australia. they manage to celebrate just fine, and it's summer for them. in order to combat the anger that comes with winter, we made a winter woes list. one of the things on the list is brunch.

a few weeks ago i had several things happening around the same time on saturday morning. it was stressing me right out trying to figure out what i was going to do. on friday night decided to plan a last minute saturday brunch. i bailed on all my other plans and went to brunch.

we went to the original pancake house in sugarhouse. i have never had such good service in my whole life. we told the server we wanted buckets of soda because we were all so thirsty. she brought out 2 glasses on the first time. we had to wait a little bit longer for a table so they brought us free food. i had a delicious omelet. we all loved our food, but the service was even better.

we had such a fun time laughing and eating that we almost forgot how terrible winter is.

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