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Friday, February 12, 2016

quick so cal trip

tiffany and i went to southern california last week for a quick few days for a little bit of work and a little bit of fun. we left wednesday night, and i came back saturday early morning. we weren't gone very long at all, but it was so nice to get away for a few days. the warm weather was such a welcome break from the bad winter we're having this year.

we had a training for work all day thursday, met up with jacque in san diego on friday, and i left the hotel at 5:30am on saturday. 

waiting for the shuttle bus to get our rental car which actually meant waiting for the parking shuttle to take us to the parking lot where we met a van to take us to the rental car company-not questionable at all. we rented an economy car, but they were out. we ended up with a bright red dodge journey that kind of looked like a fire truck or at least a bright red minivan. 
our training was really good. it was all about early intervention which we don't always find. 

after the training we relaxed in our hotel for a while and then decided to walk around downtown disney. we worked around the shops and ate dinner at a Mexican restaurant. it was such a nice evening and made me all kinds of excited for summer. 

we bought face masks at Sephora so we came back and did those. 
we drove down to san diego and met jacque at her place. she took us to kensington cafe for lunch. it was the cutest place and delicious. after lunch we walked around balboa park and soaked up the sunny day. 

we ended the day at the mall where we looked in a lot of stores and did some lipstick shopping. i've missed jacque so much since she moved so it was so great to spend the very best day with her. 
we originally planned to stay until saturday evening, but i had to change my flight for a funeral. it was an eventful morning that included 2 shuttle buses on the tarmac of LAX airport, but I made it back in time for the funeral. 

i'm so glad i got away for a few days. a quick little break was exactly what i needed. 
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